Eva Bester & Eric Judor

In the fifib one has the idea that cinema helps to make the world more bearable, lighter. The festival invited two experts for a very special film therapy: a journalist Eva Bester and the actor, director and humorist Eric Judor. Together they redefine the notion of “feel good” around 4 films and will discuss in public cinema that relieves life by all means.


Samuel Benchetrit

There are men who fall out of bed, literally and who train you in their fall, always funny but sometimes painful. His filmography shows an attachment to the “real people”, to the popular classes that he observes with acuteness, tenderness and melancholy. In his films, or in his books, Samuel Benchetrit has a certain flair for depicting the human condition, between hell and paradise.


Michel Ocelot

Michel Ocelot’s work is precious because it still believes in magic, because it is at the same time a wonder and a teaching, because his travels and his stories push back our mental borders because he is fraternal. We present for the fifib, Azur and Asmar and Ivan Tsarevitch and the changing princess who will be followed by a film lesson with Michel Ocelot.

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