Edition 2017

To break up the genres, to confuse them, to confuse them, to sow doubt. And start from scratch, to feed on others and their experience to the world. Living in kinematic immersion – not by proxy, as Jean-Jacques Goldman would say – an eclipse of the senses. Forget everything you know. Welcome to the fifib. The 2017 edition of the fifib is flying and traveling more than ever. For example, in the international feature film competition, the characters are in the mood, dreaming, and the spectator himself will set out on a boat trip, in Zambia or Kurdistan. But a journey only makes sense if people exchange and meet each other. Programming continues to embrace genres: Virginie Despentes and Béatrice Dalle will compete in music with the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini. One can meet Michel Ocelot, sublime goldsmith of the animated universes of Kirikou or Azur and Asmar. We shudder and light up in front of Pacôme Thiellement and its programming of “heretical” films. We will enter “film therapy” with Eva Bester and Eric Judor to finish in psychoanalysis, cruelly and funny, with Samuel Benchetrit. As many different and lush universes where to dive, landscapes of artists to hang preciously in his head.
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Jury Compétition Longs Métrages : Nicolas Maury (President), Mariam Al Ferjani, Rachel Khan, Yann Gonzales, Sabrina Seyvecou

Jury Compétition Contrebandes + Courts Métrages : Thierry de Peretti, Ginger Romàn, Nanako Tsukidate, Anaïs Volpé

Jury Erasmus+ : Fabien Gaffez (President)

Compétition longs métrages


Disappearance d’Ali Asgari (2017 . IRA, QAT)
I Am Not a Witch de Rungano Nyoni (2017 . ZAM, FRA, GB)
L’Amour des hommes de Mehdi Ben Attia (2017 . FRA, TUN)
Les Garçons sauvages de Bertrand Mandico (2017 . FRA)
Los territorios d’Iván Granovsky (2017 . BRA, ARG)
Medea d’Alexandra Latishev Salazar (2017 . CRI, CHL, ARG)
Meteors de Gürcan Keltek (2017 . NDL, TUR)
Pin Cushion de Deborah Haywood (2017 . GBR)
Soleil battant de Clara et Laura Laperrousaz (2017 . FRA, POR)
Son of Sofia d’Elina Psykou (2017 . GRE, FRA, BUL)


Compétition courts métrages


Cinq ans après la guerre de Samuel Albaric, Ulysse Lefort et Martin Wiklund (2017 . FRA)
Croque Meurtre de Damien Halm et Emmanuel Lautreamont (2017 . FRA)
Diqua Dai Monti, en-deçà-des-monts de Benoît Bouthors (2017 . FRA)
En son royaume d’Anton Bialas (2017 . FRA)
La Nuit Je Danse avec la Mort de Vincent Guibaud (2017 . FRA)
Le Visage de Salvatore Lista (2017 .FRA)
Lower Heaven d’Emad Aleebrahim Dehkordi (2017 . FRA)
Martin pleure de Jonathan Vinel (2017 . FRA)
Phallus Malus de Claire Maugendre (2017 . FRA)
Retour à Genoa City de Benoît Grimalt (2017 . FRA)


Compétition contrebandes


Elikia de Tracy N’Ganare (2016 . FRA)
Mère voici vos fils de Simon Rieth (2017 . FRA)
Merrick de Benjamin Diouris (2017 . FRA)
Mes nuits feront écho de Sophie Goyette (2016 . CAN)
Retour à Bollène de Saïd Hamich (2017 . FRA, MAR)
Salade Tomates Oignons de Jules Talbot (2016 . FRA)
Silvia dans les vagues de Giovana Olmos (2017 . CAN)
Une dernière nuit sans tristesse d’Eric Valiquette (2017 . CAN)



Carte Blanche Virginie Despentes / La Filmothérapie de Eva Bester et Eric Judor / Focus Samuel Benchetrit / Focus Michel Ocelot / Carte Blanche Pacôme Thiellement / Des Avant-Premières / Nuit Rouge Chaos Reign / Les Nuits du fifib




Virginie Despentes / Béatrice Dalle / Eric Judor / Eva Bester / Buvette / Samuel Benchetrit / Michel Ocelot / Pacôme Thiellement / Tshegue

Fifib Creation


Dedicated to the stakes and the future of creative cinema production, FIFIB CREATION offers meetings, calls for projects and conferences to encourage the emergence of young talent.

Fifib Formation


Discussion / Awareness / Interview </ strong> The festival’s educational program is aimed at school audiences, young people in priority neighborhoods, audiences distant from a certain cultural offer, through projections and practical workshops.

The Nights of fifib


Musique / Cinéma / Mon Amour Music / Cinema / Mon Amour </ strong> Every night, the Courtyard Mably transforms into open-air cinema and giant dancefloor, featuring movies, concerts and free DJ Sets.