13-14, 2018


Emmanuel Carrère is a filmmaker and writer who mingles reality and fiction, the private to the facts, the historical to the miscellaneous. His unclassifiable work flirts with cinema, his books adapted by big figures of cinema on the basis of his storylines: La Classe de neige by Claude Miller, L’Adversaire by Nicole Garcia, and soon Limonov by Paweł Pawlikowski.
In 2003, he starts filming as a director with the documentary Retour à Kotelnitch and later on the adaptation of his eponymous novel, La Moustache. Thereon, Emmanuel Carrère says “If I had to shoot films again, I would make documentaries again, or a film of which mechanism allows unexpected things to happen.”
It is this mishap that attracts us in the carte blanche scheduled by Emmanuel Carrère.
It is in this mechanism which refuses traditional codes that dwell the trembling and fragility that make emotion and magic rise in the creation process.
Emmanuel Carrère, former cinema critic, is also a huge cinephile very keen on science-fiction. He proposes here to present a dystopian work of a great mastering and cinematic virtuosity : Les Fils de l’homme by Alfonso Cuarón.
Those two films are two extreme approaches of cinema creation and are yet connected about emotion and the intangible. And what if there was no border between fiction and reality ? What if instead of this border was the place where science-fiction dwells ? What is right, what is wrong ? Does it really matter ?



With Emmanuel Carrère

October 14, 4:30 PM – Station Ausone
☞ Open entry until filled to capacity

Film programming

Retour à Kotelnitch

Emmanuel Carrère

FRA / 2003 / 105 Min

During a documentary in Kotelnitch (Russia), Emmanuel Carrère came to meet up with a Hungarian prisoner detained for fifty years in a mental hospital. He also met a couple, Ania and Sacha. The filmmaker and writer gets back there when he learns about the murder of the couple… It is a heartbreaking vision and a research about grief, survivors, contemporary Russia but also a very personal introspection from the author about his own Russian origins.

October 13, 2:30 PM – Cinéma Utopia
With Emmanuel Carrère

Children of Men

Alfonso Cuarón

USA GBR / 2006 / 110 Min

In a future devastated by war and pandemic, and where mankind has become sterile, the youngest human being dies while a woman proves to be pregnant, the first one for 18 years. Théo, an office worker, is charged with the protection of the latter. Alfonso Cuarón composes a world of science-fiction which unfortunately remains plausible 12 years after the film release. He packs it into a virtuoso staging full of sad beauty and intoxicating action.

October 14, 2:00 PM – CGR Le Français
With Emmanuel Carrère

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