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Why " Contrebandes " ?

Because the Bordeaux International Independent Film Festival wanted to go back to its origins for its fifth anniversary. Independent. Film. Film creation has never been more dynamic, and a whole part of this territory, away from the usual paths or traditional fundings, is looking for nothing else but to be screened and seen. Even better: these filmmakers can make films with very little means, create everything from nothing. The fifib decided to give them a significant exposure, with their own competition. Its criterias : French or French-speaking films, with a microbudget and not backed by any distribution company

Why Contre ?

Against the rules and preconceived ideas, but no against the audience.

Why Bandes ?

Following the footsteps of Djinn Carrenard’s guerilla cinema or the Suricate team, who streamed their feature film Les Dissociés on YouTube, these films are team works, and celebrate the collective spirit. When making movies is a militant act.

Why Contrebandes? (bis)

Martin Scorsese pictured filmmakers as smugglers, who hustle to infuse their universe, obsession within the conventions. Features, medium-length and short films, documentaries, the Contrebande films will find their way to your heart and spirit.