10-13, 2018


Genre cinema is often criticized because of its mysogyny and its objectification of women’s bodies, yet it is also the genre that offers one of the broadest range of female characters. They are scream queens, sexual violence victims eager to fight, survivors whose mortality is intrinsically linked to virginal purity, possessed teenagers or angry witches. They are named Laurie, Carrie, Sidney, Kayako…
Behind the camera, the genre cinema is widely ruled by men, just like elsewhere. But during the last years, from It Follows to Get Out, new voices from the independent cinema seized the horror cinema’s codes to transgress them better and to shade and expand them. Among them there are a lot of directors, including french ones. Recently, Julia Ducournau (Grave), Jennifer Kent (Mister Babadook), Caroline Fargeat (Prevenge), Ana Lily Amipour (The Bad Batch). Before them, Claire Denis (Trouble Every Day), Marina de Van (Dans ma peau), Lucile Hadžihalilović (Innocence), Kathryn Bigelow (Aux frontières de l’aube).
Throughout a stylistic plurality, from the psychological thriller to the cannibal chronicle and going to the haunted house and Giallo but also animation, each of those female directors deconstruct on their own ways the genre stereotypes, whether it is cinematographic or human. It explicitly deals with the body, fluids, sexuality, femininity and masculinity, impulses (carnal, destructive, death), maternity, identity, multiples, complexes. It also deals with male domination, confronting the voyeuristic male gaze to the life-saving female gaze and all that with a good deal of thrill. Whether they are sanguine, horrific or metaphorical, their films show complex characters, in their wholeness, bringing a new saving nuance to the genre cinema.

Mélissa Blanco

Film programming


Julia Ducournau

FRA / 2011 / 20 MIN

A girl teenager under a strange physical change in Junior by Julia Ducournau (six years before Grave, and already with Garance Marillier).

October 13 – 9:00 PM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Garance Marillier

Trouble Every Day

Claire Denis

FRA / 2011 / 100 MIN

An American scholar searching a cure for a disease he suffers from in Claire Denis’ Trouble Every Day.

October 13 – 9:00 PM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Garance Marillier

Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant

Suraya Raja

GBR / 2017 / 7 MIN

Within the short animation film Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant, the mascot toy of the youngest, plasticine, is cut, torn and ripped by the destructive impulses of its heroin.

October 10 – 9:00 PM – CGR Le Français

The Voices

Marjane Satrapi

USA-ALL / 2014 / 103 MIN

The story of a man who follows his animals’ bad advices to which he tells all of his heartbreaks.

October 11 – 9:00 PM – CGR Le Français

O is for Orgasm

Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani

USA / 2012 / 4 MIN

O is For Orgasm explores the depths of female’s desire and sexuality by the mean of Giallo to which Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani, film after film, restore the credibility (Amer, L’étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps).

October 12 – 8:30 PM – Cinéma Utopia

The Love Witch

Anna Biller

USA / 2016 / 120 MIN

A malicious feminist fable, pop and tangy, in which a modern times witch is desperate to make it to the altar.

October 12 – 8:30 PM – Cinéma Utopia

La persistente

Camille Lugan

FRA / 2018 / 22 MIN

A man who only lives and breathes for his motorbike is desperate when the latter is being taken from him.

October 11 – 9:00 PM – CGR Le Français

Mister Babadook

Jennifer Kent

AUT / 2014 / 94 MIN

In Mister Babadook, the tale read at dusk lets out in the house an evil creature.

October 10 – 9:00 PM – CGR Le Français

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