9-15, 2018


This year in France two highlights enabled a love story with Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s cinema. In the first time the theatrical release of Senses, in several episodes, and in the second time the selection of Asako I & II for the international competition of the Festival de Cannes. Two times thus to open Hamaguchi’s book of passions similarly to the two phases covering several years of Asako’s emotional life.
There is in Hamaguchi the « dur désir de durer » (heavy desire to last) that Paul Eluard talked about. The couples are filmed over time, in the first place their own time span (Will their story last ? For how long?) and then the one of the film (Senses and its 5h20 long which will be screened at once).
This program is built in two chapters with a romantic and fantastical esthetics in order to embrace the sensitivity of a filmmaker that we highly value.
In the first one, we will find what is mostly American in Hamaguchi, the mark of John Cassavetes, detectable in those staggering couples and in those women who reshuffle the cards of the traditional marriage. Senses was born in a country, apparently, deprived of #MeToo. In the second chapter, which is more evanescent, we will meet the doubles, the ghosts, the obsession and love possession. This two parts answer and complete one another just like soulmates.

Film programming

Asako 1 – 2

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

JPN-FRA / 2018 / 119 Min

When Asako’s first love disappears, she is distraught. Two years later, she meets her perfect double. Confused by this strange similarity, she lets herself be tempted but incrementally finds out that the young man has a totally different personality. « With a consummate art of tiny variations embodied by his suggestive style, Ryûsuke Hamaguchi orchestrates like a pointillist goldsmith a lovely ballet, elegant and deep. », Olivier de Bruyn, Les Échos.

October 10, 8:30 PM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Ryûsuke Hamaguchi


John Cassavetes

USA / 1968 / 130 Min

Richard Forst, Dicky for his friends, is an insurer. He is married to Maria for fourteen years. One evening, while he is having a drink with his friend Freddie in a bar, he meets Jeannie Rapp, a charming call-girl. A complicity sets between the two of them. Back home, Richard tells Maria his will to divorce, before returning to Jeannie. Thus alone, Maria gets out with three friends and spends the remaining part of the night with Chet, a young man from Detroit, that she just met. It is a major influence in Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s cinema.

October 11, 2:00 PM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Ryûsuke Hamaguchi 

Happy Hour

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

JPN / 2015 / 290 Min

In Kobe, four women with very different marital and personal status share a devoted friendship. At least they believe so. The day one of them tells the others her will to divorce, the balance of their group flickers. « A choral fresco of a staggering depth and beauty, depicting wonderful women portraits in their daily lives, and through them, the extended landscape of some kind of contemporary disenchantment. », Mathieu Macheret, Le Monde.

1st part : October 10, 10:00 AM – Cinéma Utopia

2nd part : October 10, 1:30 PM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Ryûsuke Hamaguchi 

Heaven is still far away

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

JPN / 2016 / 38 Min

Yuzo, a mosaic engineer for porn videos, lives under the same roof as Mitsuki, a high school student with whom he leads a peculiar life. One day, Yuzo receives a phone call from Mitsuki’s sister.

October 11, 11:00 AM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Ryûsuke Hamaguchi 

Touching the Skin of Eeriness

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

JPN / 2013 / 54 Min

After the death of his father, Chihiro goes to live with his half-brother Togo. Although Togo greets him with open arms, Chihiro feels loneliness.

October 11, 11:00 AM – Cinéma Utopia

❢ With Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

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