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FIFIB CREATION is a professional forum for all actors in the film industry: professionals, institutions and associations, those who are the artisans and support its development, manufacture and dissemination. The challenges of FIFIB CREATION are to promote the emergence in general and developments in the production of creative cinema in particular, which organizes professional meetings throughout the festival.

☞ Appels à projets et programme à venir

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Film Workout


The winners will be announced on October 19, during the 2017 fib  at an awards ceremony. Nominated by a jury of five professionals, the winning projects will be invited to fifib (in October of the following year) to present the completed films.

The winners will be announced on October 19, during the 2017 fib  at an awards ceremony. Nominated by a jury of five professionals, the winning projects will be invited to fifib (in October of the following year) to present the completed films.

The amount of support is capped at € 15,000 per film and a minimum of 10 films will be supported . Among the awarded films a Grand Prize will be awarded to one of the laureates who will receive additional support: a post-production residency in New Aquitaine valued at € 8,000 < (up to € 7,000 for post-production services to be spent in New Aquitaine and € 1,000 for transport and accommodation).

Grand Prix 2017

JE M’AIME realised by  Katrin Olafsdottir product by BOBI LUX

Laureate 2017

AURORE realised by Mael Le Mée product by CAPRICCI

ENCORE UN ÉTÉ realised by Anna Felliou product by CORPUS FILMS

GRANDS CANONS realised by Alain Biet product by GIRELLE PRODUCTION

JEANNE realised by Marie Carpentier et Eléonore Gurrey product by LA CELLULE PRODUCTIONS

LE PLAGE D’ESMÉRALDAS realised by Patrick Raynal product by L’ATELIER DOCUMENTAIRE

LES VIES DE LENNY WILSON realised by Aurélien Vernhes‐Lermusiaux product by NOODLES PRODUCTION

LOOKING FOR REIKO realised by Nans Laborde-Jourdàa product by ENVIE DE TEMPÊTE PRODUCTIONS

PLEIN NOIR realised by Marine Louvet et Lucie Rico product by BOBI LUX

VOSTOK N°20 realised by Elisabeth Silveiro-Kibireva product by DOLCE VITA FILMS



International co-production forums


French Co-production Forum
Friday 20th October – Mably Village – 10h – duration: 2h30
Organized by the fifib and the Fiction Group, in partnership with Canal +.
In the presence of Pascale Faure (Canal +) and Valentine Roulet (CNC) For this 6th edition, the fifib and the Fiction Group have chosen to honor filmmakers from several French-speaking countries during pitching sessions of short films. Selected from many candidates in a competition, six filmmakers will present their projects to French film professionals, producers and broadcasters.
International Co-Production Forum Québec, Portugal, Colombia

Saturday 21st October – Mably Village – 17h – duration: 2h
In the presence of Ico Costa and Pablo González

The fifib continues to promote cinematographic creation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and internationally. This year, the festival is planning three short film panoramas from three major film countries: Quebec, Colombia and Portugal. On this occasion, Ico Costa (Portugal) and Pablo González (Colombia), all three of the world’s leading feature films, are invited to meet producers from the Region of New Aquitaine during pitching sessions.

Music and Cinema Creation


Think tank: The creation of contemporary contemporary music in the cinema
Monday, October 23 – Mably Village – 10:30 am – Duration: 2h
Organized in partnership with SACEM
Case Study: Gaspard goes to the wedding. In the presence of Anthony Cordier (director) and Thylacine (composer). Moderation: Benoit Basirico.
This meeting will be about the creation of original music in the independent cinema. This reflection will revolve around two main axes: what place has the electro music in the original music in the cinema? What are the different issues of music creation when composing for a medium-budget comedy?
☞ Free, upon registration, subject to availability; information:


Panel discussion: Sound creation at the cinema
Thursday, October 19 – Mably Village – 2:30 pm – Duration: 2h
Organized by Écla Regional Agency, in partnership with the fifib.
In the presence of Jean-Guy Veran (mixer), Jean-Pierre Pozzi (director and scriptwriter), François Fayard (sound editor). Moderation: Jean-Guy Veran.
How to think the sound of the scenario to the mix? Aimed at film and sound professionals, this roundtable will discuss the stages of sound creation in the cinema. The speakers will rely on specific examples of films they have worked on, including Macadam Popcorn by Jean Pierre Pozzi. They will be ready to interact with the room.
Presentation followed by a net-working aperitif “music and cinema in the region” at 17h at Village Mably.
Presentation by the Gloria Agency, Cristal Publishing and the Independent Music Network (resulting from the merger between FEPPIA, PRMA and RAMA).
☞ Free, upon registration with the Écla Regional Agency, subject to availability; information:

Lecture Series 


Presentation by the French Association of Film Regulators
Thursday, October 19th – Mably Village – 10am – Duration: 2h
In partnership with Agence Régionale Écla and the Gironde Film Reception Office. In the presence of François Pulliat (AFR representative). Moderation: AFR.
Discussions with technicians from the New Aquitaine Region.
☞ Free, upon registration with the Gironde Film Bureau, subject to availability. Information:


Roundtable: How to become a filmmaker, and stay that way?
Thursday 19 October – Mably Village – 17h – duration: 2h
Organized by Groupe Fiction and moderated by Thierry Lounas, director of Capricci and So Film magazine. Thomas Bardinet (director), Pascale Faure (Canal +), Thierry de Peretti (director) Valentine Roulet (CNC) and Thomas Salvador (director) will try to define together the key issues for tomorrow’s filmmakers.
Meeting with associations PEÑA, CALIPPSO and ATIS: Regional policies and support funds
Saturday, October 21 – Mably Village – 10:00 am – duration: 3h
Saturday, October 21 (10:00 – 13:00, Capitular Room)
Interprofessional meeting at in camera between the associations of neo-Aquitaine professionals PEÑA (delegated producers), ATIS (authors and directors) and the collective CALIPPSO (post-production technicians).
It will be followed by a pot offered to the members and networks of the three structures at the Festival Village, Mably Court (by invitation only)

Talents en court
Nouvelle-Aquitaine/Bordeaux 2017

Immersed residence at FIFIB
Sponsored by Thierry de Peretti
Organized in partnership with the CNC


The CNC and the International Independent Film Festival of Bordeaux are organizing Talents en court, an operation aimed at helping young authors with a short film project to better understand the professional environment, to initiate a reflection on the creative process and to have an experience unique in festival. This 2nd edition of Talents en cour, organized as part of the fifib, is sponsored by Thierry de Peretti. speakers residency: Claire Maugendre (director), Salvatore Lista (director), Laure Desmazières (writer) Noël Magis (producer)
Two highlights, open to the public, are being organized at OARA as part of this year’s Talents en cour:


– A “Cinema at any price” meeting organized by Nos Rêves Production in the presence of director Adnane Tragha around the screening of his film “600 euros”. Feature film written, produced and directed by Adnane Tragha. Meeting hosted by Daouda Diakhaté. 


– A projection of “Lutte Jeunesse” a documentary by Thierry De Peretti based on the casting of his latest feature film “Une Vie Violente”. In the presence of the director. 


The details of the projections below.

The winning films
of the 2017 edition

This second edition of Talents en court Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Bordeaux organized as part of the FIFIB CREATION 2017 was sponsored by Thierry de Peretti.

Une Famille sous influence

Amine Gabdou Mahamat


Julie Vignes


Nouamen Maâmar

Le bain de minuit

Camille Apard

Poudre aux Yeux

Calypso Buijtenjhuis

Dos à Dos

Romain Paris