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2020 Edition

Premieres and short films

The films shown in this section are the programming team’s “favorites”. They couldn’t be programmed in the competitive sections for various reasons, yet we desperately wanted for you to see them as they moved us so bad. This selection is therefore made of various gems you’ll hopefully enjoy as much as we did.

— Natacha Seweryn

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Focus - Laetitia Dosch

She may ride a horse on stage and talk to trees on the radio, yet Laetitia Dosch isn’t trying to shock anyone but rather to bring life to her surroundings. Her timbre oscillates between elegance and banter, while her face can resemble that of a femme fatale or a teenager. She is creating a path that has no model but herself, as well as inventing a singular way to approach femininity that goes beyond the classic depiction of actresses. Put her in a box, she’ll escape it immediately, armed with her inventiveness and ability to question ready-made ideas.

— Natacha Seweryn

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Focus Sébastien Lifshitz

Last year, he both surprised and moved us with “Adolescents”, a portrait of two young girls from Brive he shot over five years. Sébastien Lifshitz has been breaking our hearts with his fiction films and documentaries for 25 years already. From “The Crossing” to “Les Invisibles” through “Wild Side”, “The Lives of Thérèse” and “Little Girl”, he tackles gender and society in a way that is sometimes gentle yet always sharp. It was therefore time for the FIFIB to pay tribute to this talented filmmaker.


— Édouard Waintrop

Feature Films


Sébastien Lifshitz will offer us a masterclass during this year’s edition.

Friday, October 16th / 6:30 PM / UGC Ciné Cité Bordeaux

Carte blanche to ACID

As everyone knows it, this is a special year for film festivals: many of them weren’t able to have an on-site edition. We have thus decided to highlight the selection from the ACID programme. This organization has indeed been working relentlessly for the defense and distribution of independent films in France since 1993. Here are three wonders from their Cannes line-up.

— Natacha Seweryn

Carte blanche to LIO

“Queen of Bananas,” her Instagram account states. An iconoclast and an icon, Lio clearly isn’t the naive girl she sang about in “La Reine des pommes”. Nothing scares nor resists her. She’s the colorful pop tsunami that swept away everything in her path in the eighties. She also is a feminist who has worked with many female directors since her debut film: Chantal Akerman, Catherine Breillat, Delphine Gleize, Katell Quilleveré… This Carte Blanche is a fantastic opportunity to chat with a lover of boisterous art.


— Johanna Carraire

Carte blanche Music & Cinema

One of them has a ferocious passion for Maria Casarès while the other one has remixed Philip Glass. Maud films rave parties (“1994”) while Rebeka entrusts Bertrand Mandico or Claire Burger with the direction of her music videos. Cinema always is lurking nearby and images irrigate both artists’ electronic creations. In their Carte Blanche, they present us with a founding film. My bad, I forgot to tell you! They both grew up in Saint-Nazaire, which obviously is a place where dolphins can be spotted and where the Children of Paradise were born.



— Johanna Caraire




Last year, Nicolas Bailleul’s “Les Survivants” a thrilling take on online gamers’ off-screen wanderings won the Contrebande Prize. That gave us an ideal opportunity to explore a current trend in cinema: machinimas, i.e films made within video games. Those trajectories set within imaginary worlds will thus be highlighted this year.


— Natacha Seweryn